2018-19 review of pupil premium grant at Burnsall

At Burnsall  Primary School, we were  allocated £1,300 for the  academic year, 2018 – 2019.

We use this amount of funding to support the needs of the current eligible children; due to small numbers, summary of barriers to educational achievement can be reported face to face by the EHT’s and/or Base Leader.

This funding was allocated in the following ways with the primary aim of ensuring that the pupils made good progress and were offered equality of opportunity in all aspects of their learning;

  • Provide learning resources for intervention programmes of study
  • Provide specialist teachers to support in development of the English language
  • TAs who support vulnerable learners in the classroom

IMPACT of pupil premium spending for 2018 – 2019

  • Improvements in spoken language and increase in understanding of the spoken and written word
  • Improvements in reading fluency and with greater independence, due to additional support put in place. TAs have  supported children with the reading of texts enabling them verbally  to retrieve correct answers – confidence boost for children, although progress is in very small steps
  • Intervention resources purchased to support learning and to engage learners, impacting on good progress
  • Social and emotional and confidence boosting, has significantly increased for these children
  • Children included in all school enrichment opportunities and educational visits